Our Philosophy

At 3rd Point Thinking we believe that the ability of an organisation to create sustainable performance depends on the quality of its leaders and their ability to inspire their employees to work together as a team. Effective leaders are able to adapt to change, are open to learning, communicate effectively, and support and develop these skills in their teams. In our experience, communication, learning and change are inextricably linked. Communication is fundamental to building relationships with key stakeholders, including employees. It is also a basic tenet of effective learning and successful change. Learning is the cornerstone of organisational growth and development. It is also a crucial component of enhancing communication and implementing change. Change-readiness is the driving force behind innovation and market survival. All successful change requires good communication and an openness to learning. We have found that when organisations recognise this and are open to taking a holistic approach to addressing issues in any one of these three areas, they experience enhanced results. Our unique approach integrates these 3 core competences – communication, learning and change – in a client specific, individually tailored way.

Leaning into the future

Your business challenges

– Developing leadership potential
– Strategy Execution
– Motivating and retaining talent
– Engaging your people
– Enabling people to be more productive
– Building organisation resilience
– Enhancing organisational agility
– Communicating effectively


Key to our philosophy is delivering consultancy and learning experiences that are tailored to your specific needs. In the same way that no two companies are identical, we believe that no two companies’ consultancy, learning and development needs are identical so we tailor our services to enable you to achieve your specific outcomes.

Collaborating Together

From our initial engagement we collaborate with you to explore your challenges and opportunities and to develop bespoke solutions that enable you to go from where you are now to where you want to be. Talk to us now and find out how we can work together to achieve your goals.


“Communication is the foundation of all great relationships”

Inspirational leaders have the communication skills to effectively and consistently engage with stakeholders and to effectivelly convey the core organisational messages.

We work with organisations like yours to enhance reputation and communicate key messages to stakeholders through dynamic internal and external communication campaigns. To complement and support these communication programs, we also provide coaching and change leadership workshops, as well as targeted skills development in areas such as presentation skills, advanced communications, and influencing skills.


“Learning is fundamental to innovation and growth”

Developing a mindset for excellence among your employees and a focus on ongoing learning and development is key to being well prepared for future challenges .

We work with organisations to help create a culture of learning that drives growth and develops sustainable performance. We partner with you to create and implement a personalized and systemic learning experience that includes competency assessment, coaching, home study materials, and face-to-face training courses. Our approach ensures that the competencies developed during the learning programs are put into practice and used inside the organizations.


“Change is a prerequisite to outstanding performance”

Forward thinking organisations are agile and adapt to survive and sustain productivity and have the right mindset, knowledge and skills to adapt to change quickly and easily.

We take a people-centered approach to change, working with leaders and managers, to become agile, future-proof and innovative by building core change competencies. We support you though your change journey with proven methodologies and training programs tailored to ensure that change initiatives are fully understood and can be implemented effectively. A starting point is often to help you develop a clear outcome-focused action plan for change.

Vision, Mission, Values

Our vision is of a sustainable world where people can be the change they want to see, learn constantly, communicate authentically, live in harmony, perform at their best and enjoy life.

Our mission is to provide the best tools, skills, advice and guidance so people can improve their lives and realize their full potential as human beings.

We set out to create a company with whom we would like to do business ourselves. The following values are particularly important to us:

  • Recognition for a job well done
  • Fun to enjoy what we do
  • Respect for people and their models of the world
  • Reward for creating value for others
  • Learning as much as we can
  • Confidentiality to protect our clients’ interests

Our goal is to enable you to turn strategy into action and create inspiring, sustainable performance.

Discover – Design – Deliver

Discover where you are now and where you would like to be. This stage can include: meetings, workshops, interviews, surveys, stakeholder and learning needs analysis.
Design a communication, learning or change program, uniquely tailored to your organisation. This stage can include: meetings, workshops, interviews, creative concepts, the development of games and simulations, blended learning tools, audio/visual content and web applications. We take your available resources into account to create an aligned action plan.
Deliver a rich and robust, tailored program that can include: events, workshops, communication tools, learning materials, feedback systems, coaching and ongoing advice.