Executive Dynamics

The ability of leaders to perform consistently as a team is fundamental to the success of any organisation, great leadership is dynamic, it melds unique skills into an integrated whole. However, as with many groups of highly talented people, success is not always guaranteed. In difficult economic situations or times of change, even the best teams can find it difficult to stay focused, motivated and collaborate effectively.

People look to leaders during periods of change for clear guidance.  If an Executive Team is unable to deliver this, it can have serious implications for an organisation’s performance:

  • Lack of clarity is a major cause of resistance to change and the reason why many talented people leave an organisation.
  • Lack of alignment in a leadership team creates mixed messages, leading to further resistance – this often manifests itself as “saying one thing, doing another”.
  • Lack of a clear and common understanding within an Executive Team can result in each leader pursuing his or her own agenda at considerable cost to an organization.

What is Executive Dynamics?
Our Executive Dynamics program is designed to help Executive Teams realise their full potential and inspire their own teams to superior and sustainable levels of performance. It focuses on how leaders interact with themselves and with others. Considerable attention is given to tools that enhance mindset flexibility and improve strategic thinking skills. The common thread is how to consistently navigate a world of constant change and keep people motivated and engaged.

The key elements include: 

  • One-to-one Executive Coaching and Mentoring and Executive Team Sounding Board
  • Mindset for Excellence and Team Alignment program (workshops, psychometric preferences, audio/visual learning materials)
  • Design & Facilitation of Executive meetings
  • Leading into the Future skills development programs (e.g. Mastering Public Speaking, Influencing & Negotiating, Self-Mastery)
  • Communication Toolkits (e.g. messaging, speeches, scripting, storyboarding, presentations, video).

How is Executive Dynamics delivered?
The program is modular and can be tailored to the specific needs of any Executive Team. Because leaders have many demands on their time, our Executive Dynamicsprogram has built-in flexibility, combining individual sessions with group interaction (meetings and workshops) and self-study/reflection.

Many leaders find it useful to be able to confidentially bounce their ideas off a neutral person who can play several roles, from coach to mentor to trusted advisor.  You choose the level and type of interaction that best suits your needs.

Executive Team meetings can be costly to an organization if they don’t result in tangible decisions and subsequent actions. If team members hold entrenched positions, this can turn an otherwise highly effective team into an underperforming one. We consult with attendees about their desired outcomes, design meetings to achieve consensus and, if necessary, facilitate these meetings so they become highly productive.

When an Executive Team needs to solve problems or be innovative, we can guide them through a workshop process that produces outcomes that everyone agrees on and can implement in an aligned and consistent way. Our Mindset for Excellence and Team alignment program combines workshops with support materials to take an Executive Team’s thinking skills to a higher level. These workshops also focus on team alignment.

Continuous learning is essential to being able to embrace and lead change. Upgrading skills is an ongoing requirement for leaders to continue to grow and stay ahead. For flexibility, the Executive Dynamics program is broken down into chunks that form layers of learning over time. Our support materials have been designed to meet all learning style preferences and can be delivered using the latest technology. To truly develop a skill, learning needs to be in the muscle otherwise it remains information or, at best, knowledge. This program is structured to allow valuable time to reflect and put the skills into practice in between the various touch points.

Effective Leadership communication is the glue that holds things together in times of change. We provide one-to-one communication coaching and create toolkits to ensure consistent messages and congruent delivery. We can help you to both formulate and deliver your messages. In other words we enable you to “walk your talk and talk your walk”.

Who is Executive Dynamics for?
This program is suitable for any Senior Leadership team that wants to improve its effectiveness. A high-performing team will find that this program can take its performance to the next level. It will also enable an underperforming team to get back on track.

When should we do this Executive Dynamics program?

Here are some typical contexts:

  • Poor financial results
  • Fundamental differences on strategic direction
  • Strategy not turning into action
  • New Board of Directors
  • Several Changes to an existing Leadership Team
  • After a Merger or Acquisition
  • Before a major change program
  • Before a rebranding.

How long does an Executive Dynamics program last?
This will depend on the context and your desired outcomes. However, realistically for you to experience improved performance you should consider at least a 6-12 month initial period.

What results can you expect from Executive Dynamics?
Depending on your organisation’s priorities and focus the Executive Dynamicsprogram can be tailored to significantly improve your personal, team and organisational performance in the following areas:

  • Aligned, motivated and collaborative teams
  • Lower employee turnover rate
  • Congruent change leadership
  • Consistent and clear internal and external communication
  • Strategic alignment
  • Improved financial results.